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North Sanpete Health Science

Instructor: Cami Hathaway

Special Education/Health Science - Prom Committee
-Bachelors in elementary education, mild/moderate special education and a Master’s degree in Autism. I’m a licensed EMT with an endorsement for CTE/EMS in a secondary setting.


Instructor: Jamie Withers


Health Science - Athletic Trainer

- Bachelors Degree. Professional Educators License for the state of Utah, License and Certified Athletic Trainer for the state of Utah


Program Description


Hathaway - The goal of this course is to help students successfully complete all requirements for National

Registry EMT Certification. This course is designed to provide the student with advanced instruction to improve

the quality of emergency medical care rendered to victims of accidents and illnesses. Topics include anatomy and

physiology, disease processes, assessment and patient stabilization, proper use of equipment such as automated

external defibrillators, blood glucose monitors, airway adjuncts, extrication, ambulance protocols, and practical

skills sessions. Reinforced are legal, ethical, medical, and cultural issues, scope of practice, documentation and

communication skills, and infection control.

Withers - This full-year course is designed to teach students components of exercise science/sports medicine; including exploration of therapeutic careers, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, first aid, injury prevention principles, the healing process, rehabilitation techniques, therapeutic modalities, sport nutrition, sport psychology, and performance enhancement philosophies.

Courses Offered


Emergency Medical Responder - Hathaway

Emergency Medical Technician - Hathaway

Introduction to Health Sciences - Withers

Medical Terminology - Withers

Medical Anatomy and Physiology - Withers

Exercise Science Sports Medicine - Withers

Introduction to Physical Therapy - Withers

Suggested Order


- Emergency Medical Responder - 9 -12 grade (if you are going to go on to take the EMT class, this is a great precursor)

- Emergency Medical Technician - 11th and 12th grade

- Intro to Health Sciences/Medical Terminology - 9-12

- Medical Anatomy & Physiology/Exercise Science Sports Medicine - 10-12

- Intro to Physical Therapy - 11-12

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North Sanpete Ambulance Service - Phone: 435-436-8317 Fax: 435-436-5317

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