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A message from North Sanpete

North Sanpete High School

Summer Facility Use and Athletic Practice Protocols

Beginning May 26, 2020 (based on Low Risk Status)


  1. A coach or advisor must have the approval of their school and district and operate in accordance with all state and county health department guidelines and restrictions in order to use the facilities.

  2. Coaches and advisors will submit a practice plan to the athletic director and/or administration for approval prior to facility use.

  3. Follow strict hygiene standards. Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds before and after the activity.

  4. Remain at least of 6’ feet from others when possible for all activities. Coach and advisor will post signage to remind individuals to maintain social distancing.

  5. Participant using the indoor weight room will maintain 10’ distance when possible.

  6. Advisors and coaches will regularly disinfect all equipment and high touch areas after each use.

  7. All participants will bring their own water bottles.

  8. Participants must stay in designated areas and will not be allowed to congregate before or after the activity.

  9. No students will be allowed in the locker rooms.

  10. Coach and advisor will consider multiple meeting schedules to accommodate smaller gatherings.  No group will exceed more than 50 people.

  11. All participants will review symptom checklist before each daily activity. Any individual that is symptomatic for illness will be required to stay at home.

  12. Coaches and advisors will maintain a list of participants. Attendance will be tracked.

  13. Face masks will be worn by coaches, advisors and participants when working within six feet of participants.

  14. Transportation arrangements must be cleared with administration and the transportation office before approved.  Approval will be based on safety guidelines.

  15. All plans and guidelines for summer practice and facility use will be communicated with parents prior to activities.

  16. Adjustments to facility use will be made as health department recommendations change.

School Vision

As the learning community of North Sanpete High School, we support and accept each other and understand our differences. Teachers and administrators focus on the learner, model expectations and are resilient. All students have a significant connection to teachers and staff who care for them. We embrace the positive by celebrating achievements and accomplishments. Our students face challenges with determination and a true perspective to go forward with the skills for a productive career and college experience.

Students are proud to be graduates of North Sanpete High School. 

Student Body Theme

Look Up, Reach Out, Rise Together

Home of the Hawks

Guide with Integrity, Instruct with Purpose, Value Diversity, Achieve Excellence

Principal: Nan Ault

Assistant Principal: Jeff Ericksen

390 East 700 South
Mt. Pleasant, Utah, 84647
Office: (435) 462-2452
Fax: (435) 462-3112