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 Community Council Agenda






As directed by the Board of Education and the State Legislature, each school is to have a School Community Council (SCC) made up of elected parents and/or guardians whose children attend the school. The SCC provides input on school improvement plans as well as various other school-related activities and concerns.

2020-2021 NSHS Community Council Members 

Jessica Hall Chair 

Rebecca Jones Vice Chair

Christy Straatman Principal

Taralee Cook Parent

Christina Garff Parent

Angela Thompson Parent

Shauna Watts Parent

Jon Hafen Counselor

John Sadler Teacher

NSHS Trust Lands Budget 2020-2021

  •   Estimated Distribution: $142,166

Community Council Elections

  • The committee shall include one counselor, one administrator, two teachers, and up to six community members. Rotation up to three council members each year. Elected council members serve for two consecutive school years.

  • Parents may express their interest in running for Community Council during the summer online registration window - July and August.

  • Community Council voting will occur on five consecutive days in September of each school year. Results will be tabulated on the fifth day.

  • Deadline for submitting votes: September 30th of each year. Rules and Order Procedure

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