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North Sanpete Weapons Policy


NO KNIVES OR WEAPONS OF ANY KIND IN SCHOOL – This is a restatement of what is obvious – but we want to make it very clear that students should NEVER have a knife (of any size) in school or anything that could be considered a weapon. If a student accidentally brings a knife to school, they should immediately talk to their teacher or the principal and let them know that they brought it accidentally. The teacher or principal will then hold on to it until a parent can pick it up and there will be no disciplinary action. District policy and the state Safe School policy is clear – students who knowingly have a knife and do not turn it in, will be suspended for 3 days. Any weapon used with the intent to intimidate or harm will result in long-term suspension and criminal action. This same type of policy applies to any type of weapon. All of us want the safest school possible for our children. Please help by reminding your students of this policy and helping them to keep any dangerous items out of their pockets, backpacks and vehicles. 

This includes:
Scout knives
Knives that are used on the farm
Box cutters 
Pen knives that are carried on key chains
Whittling knives

Please refer to the North Sanpete School District for the Safe Schools Policy,


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