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North Sanpete Athletic Mission Statement

One Heart, One School, One Dream.

Our Mission


Promote, through athletic participation, higher academic achievement, sportsmanship, athletic excellence, and positive citizenship.


Our Vision

Higher Academic Achievement:


Creating conditions for learning, so all students-athletes can succeed.




Is a call to honesty, integrity, commitment, and hard work. Participation in sports provides student-athlete with opportunities to experience and develop life skill in such areas as leadership, teamwork, discipline, goal setting, respect for self, and respect for others. Respect for one’s opponents, acceptance of victory with humility, and acknowledgement of defeat with grace.


Athletic Excellence:


Develop athletes that are physically strong and well developed, with the ability to perform the skill very well, at speed, under fatigue and under pressure consistently in competition conditions.


Positive Citizenship:


We believe that the values of citizenship are realized through sportsmanship, and ethical play in athletics. We are committed to teaching our student-athletes essential skills that will provide for a lifetime of contributions to their community, and state.


North Sanpete Grievance Policy

Click here for Grievance Policy

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