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North Sanpete School Tip Line


What is the School Tip Line?


    School Tip Line is a third party service that specializes in facilitating the anonymous disclosure of information regarding activities, behavior, or incidents within the school. In a further effort to protect students, School Tip Line encourages students to report incidents they witness both on and off campus.


    Tips can be about anything from bullying to drugs to sexual harassment, discrimination, verbal harassment, threats, vandalism or other non-emergency, but dangerous behavior. This confidential, anonymous systems provides a way to report concerns and problems over text message (SMS) or online. If the issue is an emergency, you should first contact local police via dialing 911.

How to send a text tip:


Send text message to 1-435-659-2573. Start your message with "@nshs" then type your concern. DO NOT place a period after "@nshs" (example: @nshs John was threatning Tom).


How to send an online tip: click on "Find My School" Submit an ANONYMOUS tip.

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