Due to COVID-19 restrictions, North Sanpete School District has modified its plan for iPad roll-in this year. Elementary schools will be handling roll-in on a per-school basis. Please contact your student’s elementary school or check the school’s website for dates and details to turn in devices.


In part to facilitate summer school and in part due to uncertainty of the start of school procedures for the next school year, parents of secondary students will have the option to either turn in devices or keep them during the summer. Expectations for device care remain unchanged, and the district will continue to manage devices not turned in. The district encourages that devices needing repair be turned in at the district office so they can be sent for service. Devices can be turned in to the district office at 220 E 700 S in Mt. Pleasant during regular hours, 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays. When turning devices in, please specify if needing repair and why, or turning device in for the year, or moving out of the district.


The district will continue to provide tech support for devices being used throughout the summer for school activities/purposes. To receive support, email the district technology team @ temptech@nsanpete.org.


For parents who would like to turn devices in for the summer, optional turn-in details are as follows:


Location: Drive-thru style at the front of North Sanpete High School

Dates and times: May 20, noon-3 pm & May 21, 3-6 pm


Additional information for those planning to keep devices through the summer: Incoming freshmen for the 2020-2021 school year will be required to turn their device in and receive their new high school device at or near the beginning of the new school year. The incoming device will be inspected at that time. Devices of students whose fees have not been settled by the first day of school will be locked out in the district management system. If students move out of the district at any time, devices must be turned in at the district office. Those not turned in by the first day of school will be placed in lost mode.


Questions not answered here can be directed to the district office or your school principal.


Please complete the following survey for each device for planning purposes:  


Please click the google form link at the bottom of the page

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