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North Sanpete Engineering & Woodworking

Brandon Olsen

Instructor: Brandon Olsen


-BS /Education/ Technology-Engineering

Program Description

Woodworking: The first instructional course in a sequence that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to lay out and shape stock; assemble projects; saw and sand projects; and stresses the safe use a variety of hand and power tools and machinery. Recommended projects would be anything that would allow students to incorporate all joints and tools e.g. a nightstand.

Furniture Design & Manufacturing: This course examines the processes and strategies of millwork, and drafting as it relates to furniture design and manufacturing.

Drafting Design & Tech: Introductory Drafting- Students will be using technical knowledge and skills to plan and prepare scale pictorial interpretations of engineering and design concepts. Includes instruction in the use of precision drawing instruments, computer design programs (CAD), sketching and illustration, and specification interpretation.

Architecture: This is the first instructional course in a sequence of courses that prepares individuals with knowledge of residential architectural and related construction. This course includes instruction in architectural blueprint reading, sketching, residential floor plans, exterior elevations, and use of CAD software.

Courses Offered


Furniture Design & Manufacturing

Drafting Design & Tech


Intro to Engineering

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Pathway Partners

Legacy Woodworking(Tracy Anderson) - Phone: 801- 491-0010

Freedom Innovations - Address: 425 East 400 North Gunnison, UT 84622

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