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North Sanpete Drug Policy


The North Sanpete School District shall be in compliance with Utah Code 76-10-104, and the Utah Clean Air Act. The District prohibits the use, an sale of tobacco, tobacco paraphernalia, as well as the distribution of tobacco, on school property, which includes the 1000 feet surrounding school property, in school vehicles and at school-sponsored events, at all times by all persons.


1. For each incident: Confiscate material and secure as directed by the local law enforcement. Notify parent/guardian for a mandated conference with principal/student/parent as soon as possible. Refer to a school counselor, nurse, prevention specialist, or resource officer for the follow-up support, assessment and tobacco prevention education and or cessation program. Refer to local law enforcement and/ or juvenile court.


2. On the fourth such incident, in addition to those steps outlined in proceeder # 1 above, the student and parent/guardian will be required to meet with a hearing committee to decide the question of appropriate school placement. The hearing committee will be comprised of a counselor, a school administrator, and a teacher. The student’s case will be presented to the committee. After the hearing, the committee, including alternative placements or school dismissal.


3. Any student in violation of this policy must further comply with the penalties and guidelines of the student organization to which they belong as stated in the most current handbook.


4. A student who volunteers for a tobacco cessation program will: Be provided tobacco prevention/control related educational materials. Be provided support through the guidance counselor, referred to tobacco cessation opportunities, a substance abuse counselor, or a person trained in tobacco prevention and control.


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