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North Sanpete Dress Code


Dress and Grooming Code Guidelines


Holes in pants/jeans that expose skin more than 4” above the knee must be covered.

Immodest dress such as exposed underwear, tank tops, unbuttoned shirts or blouses and clothing worn too tight

or so loose as to be revealing is not permissible.

Clothing which leaves the midriff exposed when arms are lifted to shoulder level while sitting or standing is prohibited.

Sheer blouses are permissible only if the clothing underneath meets dress code standards.

Sleeves will be worn and shoulders will be covered.

Clothing with inappropriate printing such as, but not limited to, anything that shows disrespect to the educational
process by advertising sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illegal activities, racial statements, profane language, vulgarity,
nude or lude content and sexual innuendo are prohibited.

Spandex, biker shorts, and cut-off sweats are not permissible.

Dresses, shorts, split skirts, and other short-like fashions should be long enough to come within 4” of the floor when in a kneeling position.

Appropriate undergarments are to be worn by girls and boys.

Shoes and/or sandals are to be worn at all times to ensure personal safety and hygiene.

Pajamas are not permissible.

Hair must be kept clean, well groomed and a natural color when representing the school or district including, but not limited to, performances, competitions, club activities, etc.

Students should come to school clean and well groomed.

Facial piercing can be no more than a single stud with no more than a 1/8th-inch diameter on the ends when

representing the school or district.

Jewelry, accessories, and tattoos, which are so conspicuous or extreme to interfere with learning at school or pose a health or safety issue to the student at the school, shall not be allowed. Facial piercing can be no more than a single stud with no more than a 1/8th-inch diameter on the ends.

All head coverings such as bandanas, hairnets, hats, hoodies, and sweatbands may not be worn during school hours except as part of an approved activity or for religious or medical purposes.

Wearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying, or selling any clothing, or hats displaying gang names, initials or nicknames, jewelry, emblem badge, symbol, sign colored rags or handkerchiefs, or other things which evidence
membership in a gang is prohibited.

1st Offense: Student will be asked to change into appropriate attire.


2nd Offense: A letter of discipline will be given to the student indicating that the student will be suspended from school if there is another violation of the school dress code. The student will be asked to have a parent/guardian sign the letter and then return the letter to the office so it can be placed in the student's file.


3rd Offense: The student will be suspended from school for two days for insubordination. A parent/guardian conference will be requested for the student to return to school.



4th Offense: Suspension from school until a meeting is held with the student, a parent/guardian, and the district superintendent.

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