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ARC is available Tuesday-Thursday from 2:30-3:30 
in Mrs. Carney's room

Rules for ARC


1.  You must have something to do. This is not a gabfest.

2. Once you are in the classroom, you may leave one time to get a drink or use the restroom.

    **If you leave more than once or for some other reason that time will be deducted from your overall time spent in the classroom.**

3. Visit your teachers before coming to ARC. You cannot sign in here and then visit another teacher.

4.   Talking must be kept to a minimum. Refer to rule one.

5. No cell phones or playing computer games.

6. No food or drink except water in a sealed container.

7. ARC time is only earned in increments of 30 minutes

    (1 hour, 1 ½ hours, etc.). Staying for 15 or 20 minutes does not count.  

    **If you arrive at 2:35, you must stay until 3:05 or 3:35.**

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