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Agricultural Education prepares students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in agriculture through technical instruction in the classroom, experiential education through the laboratory and Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAEP), and leadership and personal development through the FFA.

Courses Offered

Suggested Order

Plant and Soil Science I

Agricultural Biology

Natural Resources I and II

Farm & Ranch Management

Welding Technician - Entry Level

Welding Technician - Intermediate Level

Welding Technician - Advance Level

Concurrent Enrollment - Snow College

        Shielded Metal Arc Welding WELD1020            Concurrent Enrollment - Snow College

              Gas Metal Arc Welding WELD1220                 Concurrent Enrollment - Snow College

            Gas Tungsten Arc Welding WELD1420              

Plant & Soil Science - 9th Grade

Agricultural Biology - 10th Grade

Natural Resources I and II -11th - 12th Grade

Welding Technician - Entry Level 9th - 10th Grade

Welding Technician - Intermediate Level 10th - 12th Grade

Welding Technician - Advance Level 11th - 12th Grade

Concurrent Enrollment - Snow College

 Shielded Metal Arc Welding WELD1020            11-12 grade

Concurrent Enrollment - Snow College

 Gas Metal Arc Welding WELD1220                   11-12 grade

Concurrent Enrollment - Snow College

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding WELD1420               11-12 grade

FFA - Future Farmers of America

FFA Members


FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.


You must be in an agriculture class to participate in any of the following events.

Leadership Conferences (Sate and National)
Dairy Cattle Judging
Livestock Judging
Diary Foods Judging
Floriculture Judging
FFA Creed Speaking
Parliamentary Procedure
Crops Judging

Meats Judging
Range Judging
Soils Judging
Agriculture Mechanics Judging
Public Speaking
Extemporaneous Public Speaking
Poultry Judging
Farm Business Management

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FFA Members
FFA Members

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